North and Central American Task Force on Migration

North and Central American Task Force on Migration

About the Task Force

The North and Central American Task Force on Migration is a non-governmental forum of academics, civil society and business leaders, and former policymakers in dialogue with current government officials created to facilitate a broadly driven solution dialogue among the countries involved in the crisis of migration and forced displacement in the region. Initiated by the World Refugee & Migration Council with the Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies, the Colegio de México, the Migration Policy Institute and the Inter-American Dialogue, the Task Force will issue concrete recommendations for collective, regional action based on evidentiary research to promote responsibility sharing across North and Central America.

Partner Organizations

Lawful, Safe Pathways Needed to Resolve Border Chaos

NEWS RELEASE – 16 November 2021 — This week, as Canada, Mexico and the United States meet for the long-awaited North American Leaders Summit, is an opportune moment for bold action to create alternative migration pathways for Northern Central Americans.

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Regional Cooperation and Co-Responsibility

This report from the North and Central American Task Force on Migration outlines concrete recommendations for a comprehensive regional approach and governance architecture to address migration. The issues are simply too complex to be dealt with by any one country acting along.

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Humanitarian Protection in the Region: A State of Emergency

This report from the North and Central American Task Force on Migration highlights the urgency for comprehensive and coordinated regional responses to address the humanitarian protection needs in Central America and Mexico. It outlines recommendations for concrete actions that can be taken immediately, even as efforts continue in the region to address the deeper and systemic causes of migration.

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Statement of the North and Central American Task Force on Migration

It is time for a comprehensive, unified regional effort to address the major issue of refugees and migrants in the Americas. No country is immune or unaffected by the large movements of people fleeing violence, corruption, poverty, criminality and the effects of climate change that impel thousands of people to seek protection in other countries. The decision to leave and the ensuing journeys are harrowing experiences for those forced to move. There is also a clear need to better manage the security and rights of temporary migrant workers in the region. These are difficult and complicated tasks to resolve. They are issues that cannot be met solely by unilateral or even bilateral efforts. We must respond through a regional, cooperative approach that calls for a sharing of responsibility and a recognition of our common interest.

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