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Lawful, Safe Pathways Needed to Resolve Border Chaos

NEWS RELEASE – 16 November 2021 — This week, as Canada, Mexico and the United States meet for the long-awaited North American Leaders Summit, is an opportune moment for bold action to create alternative migration pathways for Northern Central Americans.

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“It is time for an honest appraisal and an urgent call to action for governments and stakeholders to stretch out, to make the refugee response system fair, effective and efficient for refugees and governments alike. We must protect those fleeing danger, supply host country needs, alleviate citizens’ fears, hold those leaders generating displacement accountable and re-establish international cooperation.”

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World Refugee & Migration Council partner Global Independent Refugee Women Leaders (GIRWL) is a group of refugee women-led initiatives, networks, and advocates that works with and for refugee women to:

  1. Increase refugee women participation in shaping policies;
  2. Build refugee women’s capacity to engage locally, nationally, regionally and globally; and
  3. Strategically advocate for and promote inclusive human rights approaches to forced displacement.