Canadian Task Force Against Global Corruption

Combatting Grand Corruption Internationally

The bad governance that so often causes forced displacement is almost always associated with corruption. Grand corruption weakens and distracts governments, making it less likely that they will meet their responsibility to protect their own population. Furthermore, corruption discourages donors, compounding the difficulty in funding efforts to assist refugees and the internally displaced.

WRMC addressed the scourge of corruption in Un llamado a la acción: Transformar el sistema global de refugio, stressing accountability and proposing that when stolen funds are found offshore, they ought not only to be frozen but also confiscated and re-purposed for the benefit of the displaced, as proposed in the Frozen Assets Repurposing Act Bill now before the Canadian Senate.

WRMC has also become deeply involved in the global effort to promote the creation of an International Anti-Corruption Court (IACC) and succeeded in persuading both major political parties in Canada to include the proposal in their election platforms, as well as in the December 2021 Mandate Letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The Task Force has two key priorities:

  • Promote the Foreign Assets Repurposing Act, which has now had a second reading as a private member’s bill in the Senate as a complement to existing Magnitsky legislation and the Justice for Victims of Corrupt Foreign Officials Act.
  • Advocate for the creation of the IACC in close collaboration with our US partner, Integrity Initiatives International. 

Integrantes del grupo de trabajo

Hon. Lloyd Axworthy

Chair, World Refugee & Migration Council

Prof. Olabisi Akinkugbe

Viscount Bennett Professor of Law, Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University

Prof. Robert Currie

Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University

Dr. Peter German

President, International Centre for Criminal Law Reform, Allard School of Law, University of British Columbia

Ms. Maja Groff

Global Governance Forum and Convenor of the Climate Governance Commission

Fen Osler Hampson

Prof. Fen Osler Hampson

President, World Refugee & Migration Council and Chancellor’s Professor, Carleton University

Mr. Ian Lynch

Integrity Initiatives International (observer)

Hon. Peter MacKay

Former Attorney General of Canada and Minister of Justice and Foreign Affairs

Lorna Marsden

Hon. Lorna Marsden

Former Canadian Senator and president of York and Wilfrid Laurier Universities

Ms. Sabine Nölke

Ambassador (Ret.)

Ratna Omidvar

Hon. Ratna Omidvar

Human Rights and Migration Advocate

Ms. Maureen O'Neil

Former President of the International Development Research Centre

Mr. Christopher Ram

Counsel to Justice Canada, Lawyer and Criminologist (Ret.)

Dr. Angus Reid

CEO & Founder, Angus Reid Global

Hon. Allan Rock

Former Attorney General of Canada and Minister of Justice

Mr. Farid Rohani

Member of the Board, Integrity Initiatives International

Jeff Stoub

Mr. Jeff Stoub

Director of Communications, World Refugee & Migration Council

Hon. Mark Wolf

Integrity Initiatives International and Senior United States District Judge (ex officio)