Putting migrants in federal prisons is unjustified and unjust

Lloyd Axworthy and Allan Rock write in The Globe and Mail that the Canadian federal government’s decision to expand immigration detention into federal prisons is a violation of international human rights standards, and a betrayal of Canada’s proud reputation as a safe haven for migrants and refugees.

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Canada can help establish an international protective force in Gaza

The killing of aid workers in Gaza highlights the need to protect the supply and distribution of humanitarian assistance. Supplying aid is one thing, but making sure it reaches the people in need is a separate challenge. We believe that Canada can make a meaningful difference in meeting that challenge, write Lloyd Axworthy and Allan Rock.

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“It is time for an honest appraisal and an urgent call to action for governments and stakeholders to stretch out, to make the refugee response system fair, effective and efficient for refugees and governments alike. We must protect those fleeing danger, supply host country needs, alleviate citizens’ fears, hold those leaders generating displacement accountable and re-establish international cooperation.”

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World Refugee & Migration Council partner Global Independent Refugee Women Leaders (GIRWL) is a group of refugee women-led initiatives, networks, and advocates that works with and for refugee women to:

  1. Increase refugee women participation in shaping policies;
  2. Build refugee women’s capacity to engage locally, nationally, regionally and globally; and
  3. Strategically advocate for and promote inclusive human rights approaches to forced displacement.

Haven (findhaven.org) is a platform which connects refugees who need help resettling in Canada with Canadians who can help. Refugees fleeing war in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria, and other conflicts use Haven to match with Canadians that can help them find safe housing, secure meaningful employment, rebuild their support network, and everything else that they’ll need to restart their lives in Canada. By using technology to create a massively scalable platform, Haven wants to engage enough Canadians nationally to help the hundreds of thousands of refugees coming to Canada.

Lamp Lifeboat Ladder is a public-private partnership that supports refugee victims of torture and sexual violence one by one as they rebuild their lives. The Canadian government has formally approved this partnership, thus authorizing Lamp Lifeboat Ladder to refer up to 90 victims of torture and sexual violence for resettlement to Canada, along with their family members (roughly 500 refugees).