Impulsores institucionales y políticos de la migración centroamericana 

When Central American migrants are asked why they decided to leave their countries, they give a variety of responses; they’re seeking better economic opportunities, family reunification, protection from extortion and criminal violence, hope for a better future for their children. Often it is a combination of factors that drive migration, and the drivers of migration are themselves linked.

Impulsores económicos y ambientales de la migración centroamericana

Most Central American migrants cite economic conditions as a reason for their decision to leave their countries. For some it is the only reason: they migrate because they can no longer survive where they are. For some, their loss of livelihoods is due to environmental pressures such as drought, hurricanes or the long-term effects of climate change. For others, their decisions to migrate are the result of both economic desperation and personal insecurity due to criminal violence. For almost all of them, poverty and loss of hope that conditions will improve are factors in their decisions to move.

Pathways for Labor Migration from Northern Central America: Five Difficult but Necessary Proposals

Research Paper — Michael A. Clemens Very few labor-based pathways for regular migration are available for people in Northern Central America (NCA), often called the ‘Northern Triangle’ of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. This paper by Michael A. Clemens briefly summarizes the state of labor-based migration channels in the region. It then argues that extending […]