Holding Kleptocrats to Account

Magnitsky Counterpoint: The Case Against Individual Asset Claims

In their thoughtful Policy Magazine essay titled The Case for a New and Improved MagnitskyLaw, Irwin Cotler and Brandon Silver suggest ways to strengthen the Justice for Corrupt Foreign Officials Act. Some of the steps that Cotler and Silver propose are welcome, including a Canada-led effort to achieve greater international coordination of Magnitsky sanctions. We believe, however, that one of […]

Bridge to Canada

Canada must stop returning asylum seekers to the United States. Even one more is too many

Lloyd Axworthy and Allan Rock write in this Globe & Mail op-ed that the premise of the US-Canada Safe Third Country Agreement – that both countries are safe for asylum seekers – has not held true for some time. Ms. Mustefa is just one of the many refugee claimants who have been jailed in the United States after coming to our border to seek protection and then being turned away.