Only global immunization can make us safe

Ensuring the equitable distribution of vaccines worldwide is the smart thing to do. More importantly, it is the right thing to do. Lloyd Axworthy & Barbara Grantham This article was first published in The Ottawa Citizen The devastating situation in India is our newest reminder that we need global cooperation to defeat COVID-19. Despite producing most […]

Hermanos en la Frontera

Hermanos en la frontera: Responsabilidad colectiva y la respuesta regional a la crisis migratoria venezolana

Michael J. Camilleri & Fen Osler Hampson Este artículo también está disponible en: Inglés La crisis política, económica y humanitaria de Venezuela ha dado lugar a la mayor crisis de refugiados y migraciones en la historia del hemisferio occidental. Un nuevo informe, producido por el Programa de estado de derecho Peter D. Bell del Diálogo Interamericano y su Grupo […]

Assessing the Impacts of Hosting Refugees — Research Paper No. 4

This paper reviews the existing research examining the impacts of refugee hosting through economic, social, political, environmental and security perspectives, identifying areas of consensus and debate and gaps in knowledge, policy and practice. It draws from the literature on forced migration and other research to consider how these assessments are made and where further tools […]