Moving beyond Humanitarian Assistance: Supporting Jordan as a Refugee-hosting Country

This study, conducted by three economists in the region — Belal Fallah, Rasha Istaiteyeh and Yusuf Mansur — analyzes the impact of Syrian refugees on Jordan’s economy and suggests ways that the international community can receive more international support. The issue of global responsibility-sharing for refugees was a major theme of the World Refugee Council’s (WRC) A Call to Action report in 2019.

When welcome wears thin: bolstering support for countries hosting Syrian refugees

By Elizabeth Ferris and Diana Rayes Well over half of Syria’s 17 million population are now displaced: 7 million inside Syria and another 6.7 million as refugees, mostly in neighboring Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. For over a decade, these three countries have hosted Syrian refugees with no end in sight.  Prospects for voluntary return to […]

Hermanos en la Frontera

Hermanos en la frontera: Responsabilidad colectiva y la respuesta regional a la crisis migratoria venezolana

Michael J. Camilleri & Fen Osler Hampson Este artículo también está disponible en: Inglés La crisis política, económica y humanitaria de Venezuela ha dado lugar a la mayor crisis de refugiados y migraciones en la historia del hemisferio occidental. Un nuevo informe, producido por el Programa de estado de derecho Peter D. Bell del Diálogo Interamericano y su Grupo […]