Author : Elizabeth Ferris

English, Migration Task Force, Report

Institutional and Political Drivers of Migration in Central America 

When Central American migrants are asked why they decided to leave their countries, they give a variety of responses; they’re seeking better economic opportun... Read more.
English, Migration Task Force, Report

Economic and Environmental Drivers of Central American Migration

Most Central American migrants cite economic conditions as a reason for their decision to leave their countries. For some it is the only reason: they migrate be... Read more.
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English, Migration Task Force, Report

Reducing Irregular Migration from Central America Through Alternative Regular Migration Pathways

The short answer to the question of why so many Central Americans are setting off on dangerous irregular migration journeys is stunningly simple: because there... Read more.
English, Migration Task Force, Report

Regional Cooperation and Co-Responsibility

This report from the North and Central American Task Force on Migration outlines concrete recommendations for a comprehensive regional approach and governance a... Read more.