Afghanistan a Year After the Taliban Occupation: An Ongoing War on Human Rights

Ferdouse Asefi, University of Toronto The word “anniversary” usually brings about happy and memorable moments. But Aug. 15 marks one year since the Taliban takeover and occupation of Afghanistan, and it’s not a happy occasion for my homeland. Recently, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) released a report entitled “Human Rights in Afghanistan,” […]

New Canadian Minister Mandate Letters and the WRMC

New mandate letters from Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau to the Canadian Ministers of Public Safety; Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship; International Development; and Foreign Affairs outline specific ways for Canada to address global migration and forced displacement.

Wholesale Corruption Causing a Democracy Deficit

When Canadian foreign minister François-Philippe Champagne touched down in Beirut in late August to survey the damage from the disastrous explosion that killed hundreds, injured thousands and left hundreds of thousands homeless, he had a clear message for Lebanese President Michel Aoun: Canadian aid would be contingent on “real reforms” to the country’s political system.  […]