Migration Task Force Launches Recommendations with Mexican Foreign Relations Secretary, Embassy of Canada

Major events in Mexico City showcase recommendations of the North and Central American Task Force on Migration and outline opportunities for regional cooperation On May 19, members of the North and Central American Task Force on Migration met with Mexican, Canadian and American officials as well as ambassadors from across the region to discuss concrete […]

News Release—Migration in North and Central America: Regional Responsibility and Opportunity

North and Central American Task Force on Migration recommendations lay out bold new options for regional cooperation on migration as leaders prepare for upcoming Summit of the Americas and North American Leaders Summit Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Relations Marcelo Ebrard hosted key stakeholders today from North and Central America to discuss how Task Force recommendations […]

Institutional and Political Drivers of Migration in Central America 

When Central American migrants are asked why they decided to leave their countries, they give a variety of responses; they’re seeking better economic opportunities, family reunification, protection from extortion and criminal violence, hope for a better future for their children. Often it is a combination of factors that drive migration, and the drivers of migration are themselves linked.