Russian Antonov An124 Volga-Dnepr 4 engine heavy lift cargo jet

Leading by Example

This paper by Robert Currie, Fen Hampson and Allan Rock examines the precedent-setting nature of Canada’s new legislation on foreign-owned asset forfeiture and some of the legal issues raised following the adoption of this new legislation. It also discusses policy and legislative initiatives underway in other countries following upon Canada’s ground-breaking legislation and how the current global context is shaping these initiatives, specifically Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Canadian Ukrainian Social Impact Reconstruction Trust Fund

Alison Lawton & Lauren Casey Discussion paper produced as part of the World Refugee & Migration Council’s Canadian Task Force Against Global Corruption. Abstract According to international law, Russia must provide full reparations and compensation to Ukraine for the harm inflicted during an undeclared war. In response, Canada has enacted legislation allowing for the seizure […]