Syrian Refugees in Jordan and the Region

What are the realistic alternatives for Syrian refugees and the governments that host them in the medium- to long-term?  How can host countries be supported to continue hosting refugees in light of growing pressures for return? Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey have hosted Syrian refugees since the very beginning of the conflict in 2011.  Presently over 5 million […]

Using the Compact Model to Support Host States and Refugee Self-reliance — Research Paper No. 6

Nazanin Ash and Cindy Huang Traditional financing mechanisms for the global refugee system do not reflect the realities on the ground. The life-saving assistance prioritized by the humanitarian sector, while critical at the onset of emergencies, falls short as crises endure. Refugees, displaced for protracted periods, need access to quality education, jobs and other services […]

Assessing the Impacts of Hosting Refugees — Research Paper No. 4

This paper reviews the existing research examining the impacts of refugee hosting through economic, social, political, environmental and security perspectives, identifying areas of consensus and debate and gaps in knowledge, policy and practice. It draws from the literature on forced migration and other research to consider how these assessments are made and where further tools […]