Event Report: Building Political Will in the Americas

Read the report of our panel discussion with three leaders — Madeleine Albright in the United States, Lloyd Axworthy in Canada and Mayu Brizuela de Ávila in El Salvador — on the domestic and regional actions and policies as well as the international peace and security diplomacy needed to build political will and transform governance to reset the response to forced displacement. New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof moderated the event co-hosted by the Aspen Ministers Forum.

Bangkok Floods

Climate Change & Forced Displacement

On 25 February, Join WRMC’s Rosemary McCarney who will moderate a discussion with Robert McLeman, Erica Pires Ramos and A.R. Siders for a lively discussion about the rapidly accelerating challenges around climate displacement as the world prepares for COP26.

WRMC Chair Lloyd Axworthy on Why Climate Change Matters To ALL Canadians

Part I of the Massey is Missing COP26 Series of Events Monday, November 9 at 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm EST Lloyd Axworthy and David Suzuki have spent decades advocating, pressing and legislating for social justice and climate justice with enormous success and also setbacks. Looking back on more than 50 years on the frontlines of activism, what […]