Naima Isa Sebbi

Naima Isa SEBBI is a Feminist Lawyer and an activist with experience working with NGO’s in Women’s Human rights, refugee rights, Human trafficking, Gender Based Violence, programming and development.

  • She is a graduate in LLB and post graduate Diploma in Law/Legal practice in Uganda.
  • She currently works with FIDA-Uganda, an Association of women lawyers in Uganda as programs Officer.
  • She is Co-Chair Advocacy Policy and Research Committee, at the Youth Advisory Board of Youth Against Slavery Movement (YASM).
  • Most notably, she contributed to the programmatic scale-up, legal programming and development to refugee Women, empowering rights to youth and young women, management of Gender Based Violence, Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and leadership, being implemented at the refugee camps in Uganda. She has worked and coordinated initiatives towards combating trafficking and commercial exploitation of children and women in Uganda and the East African region
  • Her aspiration and devotion is to improving the lives of women and other marginalized groups in Uganda and Africa that shines through in her personal life as well as in the work that she does.
  • She is a communicator and leader with an emphasis on utilizing strengths of colleagues and creating an environment of forward thinking ideas and solutions driven by community needs and development.