Le Conseil mondial pour les réfugiés et la migration demande aux Casques bleus de l'ONU de protéger les couloirs humanitaires en Ukraine

The World Refugee & Migration Council is appalled by Russian barbarism in violation of international humanitarian law and human rights in Ukraine, which is causing the worst refugee crisis in modern European history. Russia has shown a total disregard for Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence, and its leadership must be held accountable for the crime of aggression.

WRMC Chair Lloyd Axworthy IN CONVERSATION WITH Peace Magazine

Peace Magazine‘s Metta Spencer spoke with Lloyd Axworthy about his role as chair of the World Refugee & Migration Council. The following is an excerpt. METTA SPENCER: Did I read that there are 80 million people who’ve had to flee? LLOYD AXWORTHY: Actually, the latest numbers are 82 million. That’s the UN count, not including […]