Groupe de travail sur la migration en Amérique du Nord et centrale

Interim Reports and Recommendations

Humanitarian Protection in the Region: A State of Emergency

This report from the North and Central American Task Force on Migration highlights the urgency for comprehensive and coordinated regional responses to address the humanitarian protection needs in Central America and Mexico. It outlines recommendations for concrete actions that can be taken immediately, even as efforts continue in the region to address the deeper and systemic causes of migration.

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Regional Cooperation and Co-Responsibility

This report from the North and Central American Task Force on Migration outlines concrete recommendations for a comprehensive regional approach and governance architecture to address migration. The issues are simply too complex to be dealt with by any one country acting along.

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Economic and Environmental Drivers of Central American Migration

Most Central American migrants cite economic conditions as a reason for their decision to leave their countries. For some it is the only reason: they migrate because they can no longer survive where they are. For some, their loss of livelihoods is due to environmental pressures such as drought, hurricanes or the long-term effects of climate change. For others, their decisions to migrate are the result of both economic desperation and personal insecurity due to criminal violence. For almost all of them, poverty and loss of hope that conditions will improve are factors in their decisions to move.

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Institutional and Political Drivers of Migration in Central America 

When Central American migrants are asked why they decided to leave their countries, they give a variety of responses; they’re seeking better economic opportunities, family reunification, protection from extortion and criminal violence, hope for a better future for their children. Often it is a combination of factors that drive migration, and the drivers of migration are themselves linked.

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Based on series of commissioned research papers, the Task Force has produced a series of Interim Reports and Recommendations on the following topics: 

  • Humanitarian protection in the region, particularly for women and children who are at greatest risk, including addressing needs of internally displaced persons and building asylum/reception capacity in Central America and Mexico.  
  • Coresponsabilité et coopération pour la gestion des migrations, en se concentrant sur le renforcement des approches régionales de la migration dans la région.
  • Cadres institutionnels et considérations de politique intérieure, y compris l'état de droit, la gouvernance, la corruption et la responsabilité.
  • Investissement dans le développement à long terme pour lutter contre la violence et les gangs, la pauvreté et l'inégalité, et les impacts du changement climatique.
  • Strengthening regular pathways for migration as an alternative to irregular migration, including private sponsorship, family reunification and labor migration.