Event Report: Vaccine Equity for the Forcibly Displaced

Watch the full event and read about the panelists on our Vaccine Equity for the Forcibly Displaced event page.

As nations around the world vie for their shares of COVID-19 vaccines, many of the world’s most vulnerable — including refugees and others who have been forcibly displaced — are finding themselves last in the queue.

In response, some countries are implementing programs to ensure that refugees, including in Jordan’s Zaatari refugee camp, are among the first to receive vaccinations.

Several international programs are also working to ensure equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines, including the COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access (COVAX) initiative as well as the COVAX Advance Market Commitment Engagement Group, which includes co-chairs from Canada, Indonesia and Ethiopia.

The discussion was moderated by WRMC Special Advisor and Senior Advisor to the Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response Rosemary McCarney.

During the panel, leaders concerned about the global response to the pandemic reviewed the current state of vaccine distribution and discussed how to ensure that vaccine nationalism doesn’t result in the world’s most vulnerable being excluded from pandemic responses. They also looked at Jordan’s approach to vaccinating refugees in the country as an example for other host countries.


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