Farid Rohani

Farid Rohani is a successful entrepreneur, senior executive, and community leader. In addition to his extensive business interests and activities, Farid has volunteered for and led many significant organizations as an engaged and contributing citizen since he came to Canada from Iran as a young boy.

Farid has held several prominent leadership roles both locally and internationally. He served for many years as the Chair of the Laurier Institution and was appointed as Chair Emeritus of the organization for his involvement and significant contribution to the institute from its original inception in 1989. He was also a board member of the Nowruz Commission in Washington, D.C.  where he served for three years. Farid further served for three years as the Vancouver Chair of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship and he led the hosting of the first Citizenships Ceremony held at a First Nations Community.

In addition to serving as Treasurer and board member for III, Farid continues to make a significant contribution to the local community by serving on the foundation board of the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation, on the board  of The Global Reporting Center, and as an advisor to First Nations Golden Eagle Rising Society. He has established Khanjani scholarship at UBC and is a supporter of the artistic community in Vancouver.

Farid’s extensive contribution to Canada and his local community has led to him receiving several notable distinctions, including being appointed to serve as Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel of The British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught’s Own), receiving the Canadian Senate’s 150th Anniversary medal, and being recognized as a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society. Farid was also awarded the Provincial Multicultural award in 2012 for his work around diversity and inclusiveness.